My baby’s having a baby

It’s true! My sweet girl is pregnant with our first grandchild, a baby boy they have named Charles Conrad. Michael and I are over the moon with happiness! I already love Charlie so much and daily envision what Charlie will be like, how beautiful he already is, and how hard I will work to do my part in making him happy.

Even more prevalent these days are my memories of being pregnant with my own two children. I was very emotional when I was pregnant, and every song, every poem, just everything had a completely different meaning than ever before. I saw everything with new eyes. My world had changed infinitely for the better because I was bringing a wonderful child into the world. A good human being who would bring big sacks full of infinite goodness under each arm. I once overheard a conversation in which someone was encouraging a couple to have a child. The reason the couple had doubts about adding to the population? “There are so many rotten people in the world.” And the wise person asked them, “Well, don’t you want to make some good people?” I never forgot that. From the time I knew they existed, I knew my kids would be the good guys, and they really are.

My emotional pregnant days made me so sentimental. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the first Gulf War broke out. I remember that during those breezy summer months in cool-enough-to-wear-a-sweater San Francisco,  I would listen to two particular songs over and over again. The first is Apron Strings by Everything But The Girl,

and the other is Nayib’s song by Gloria Estefan.

They’re just songs, 3 minutes of rhyming words set to a tune. They weren’t even in the top 40. But for ragingly hormonal pregnant me at that time, these songs were anthems about my love for my unborn children. I recently sent the links for these videos to my daughter. I thought she might like to listen to the music, but I now realize I searched for them because the pending arrival of my new, first ever grandson is making me sappy and emotional again.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I adore children, all children. I find children amazing, and in each one I see a promise that the world will continue and that there is always a chance to raise good people in this awful world. No, I dug up those links on Youtube because I needed to remind myself that there are good people in this world, that my own unborn children gave me great hope, and that my beautiful daughter and the love of her life are about to add one more amazingly good person to the world population. What a wonderful thing!

Despite what the headlines read, everything is going to be just fine.